The IDF’s information security department has released a new training video to soldiers which provides guidelines for safe behavior online so as not to reveal military information to the enemy.

The video is part of a campaign the IDF has been conducting in the Israeli media to warn soldiers of the dangers of not being careful when surfing the internet.

The IDF is concerned that Israel’s enemies are using the internet to gather information about Israel and its military.

Intelligence sources have noted that Hizbullah terrorists are becoming increasingly computer savvy, using Facebook to learn more about IDF soldiers, potential targets for kidnappings.

The IDF is also concerned that soldiers may unwittingly give the enemy information through social networking sites or even arrange to meet an internet companion who is in fact a terrorist. The army recently published strict guidelines regarding the use by IDF officers and soldiers of social networks such as Facebook.

Last year, the IDF was forced to cancel an operation in Judea and Samaria, after a soldier wrote a Facebook status that a force from his battalion was expected to arrive in an Arab village to detain terror suspects.

At the same time, the IDF Spokesman’s Unit operates a New Media desk whose role is to use websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to the military’s advantage.

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