Egypt confiscated anti-aircraft missiles that were headed for terrorists in the Sinai, bordering Israel, the Egyptian news agency Youm7 reported Sunday.

Voice of Israel government radio said the weapons were likely smuggled from Libya.

Egyptian forces captured the cache at the Suez Canal. It was hidden behind a hospital on the Isamlia-Port Said highway, according to Youm7.

The cache contained eight missiles and three barrels for long-range firing weapons. Empty crates that had held weapons were also found and apparently contained rocket launchers that had been stolen. However, local residents stole them before police arrived, a sign of continuing lack of security control by the Egyptian provisional regime.

Israel security officials have said recently that Libya is becoming a new source of weapons for Arab terrorists in Gaza and Bedouin terrorists who have taken de facto control of several areas of the Sinai.

Terrorists in possession of anti-aircraft missiles could create a catastrophe for Egypt’s tourist industry if they are aimed at planes flying over the Sinai.

Successful smuggling of the weapons into Hamas-controlled Gaza would add to terrorists’ stockpiles of similar weapons that can bring down a commercial airliner.

A successful terrorist attack on an IDF or civilian commercial airline in Israel, besides causing huge casualties, would be a powerful boost for the Hamas terrorist organization.