ethiopian children
ethiopian children Aviv Hatora

Dear Friends,

It is no secret that the aliyah of the Ethiopian Jews has been one of much trial and hardship, hardships that continue to this day despite sincere efforts of many caring people, abroad and in Israel.

The plight and challenges of the children in these communities, though immense, are being addressed by Aviv Hatorah, a religious Zionist educational organization in Tel Aviv,  and particular emphasis is placed upon the children, in ensuring that they receive a Jewish educational framework even from kindergarten. These efforts are reaping the desired results and the children are beginning to thrive.

We at Arutz 7 have added our support to this endeavour and we have witnessed the positive impact that it has had on the whole Ethiopian Jewish community in Jaffa - South Tel Aviv.

We, together with Aviv Hatorah, would like to urge you to step forward and carry out an age-old Jewish axiom:  All Jews are responsible for one another.

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