Faceglat website
Faceglat websiteIsrael news photo: Faceglat website

Pro-Arab computer vandals hacked the new “kosher” Facebook site that separates men and women and bans improper pictures.

A group calling itself “Challenger HackerS” plastered the hareidi-religious website with the words “Free Palestine” on the Sabbath, when Jews are prohibited from using the Internet.

The hackers also warned “the owner of this site that am gonna get this PC soon or later…. Palestine is the best of the best.”

The “Faceglat” site was  recently launched by a 25-year-old Hassidic programmer and was named after the term “Glatt” kosher, a form of strict kosher food supervision that abides by rulings in Jewish law that are considered the most stringent.

The Faceglat site allows for social networking but separates men and women by instructing female users to click an arrow pointing to the left and male users to click on an arrow that points to the right.

“One day, a couple of friends paid me a visit, and while we were chatting the young woman said it was a pity that there was no website where she could share pictures with her female friends without other people being able to see them,” the site’s creator Yaakov Swisa told WorldCrunch. “We started thinking about a religious social network, where there would be no indecent pictures, and which would guarantee that men could not see photos posted by women, and vice versa.”

Software inspects the site to make sure there are not pictures of people without enough clothes.

“Orthodox Jews need the Internet, at home and at work alike,” Swisa said. “My Web site allows them to browse freely, while offering them maximum security. It also reassures parents who worry about their children going on pages that everybody can consult.”

He said the site soon will be translated into other languages. He was interviewed before Faceglat was hacked.