Price Tag demonstration (archive)
Price Tag demonstration (archive)Israel news photo: Flash 90

The vandals who damaged IDF vehicles at a base near Beit El have yet to apologize for their actions, but a bereaved mother has come forth to express sorrow in their place. Hagit Rein, whose son Benaya was killed in the Second Lebanon War, called Binyamin Region commander Saar Tzur to apologize on behalf of the community.

Rein told Arutz Sheva that while she was horrified by the forcible expulsion of families in Migron, the IDF should not be the target of frustration.

“I have family [in Migron] and ties to the town. My heart aches for the destruction in Migron, I cried over it. But when I turned on the radio and heard about the 'price tag' actions against the IDF I cried again,” she said. “My heart cries for the destruction.”

Rein expressed hope that police will catch those responsible for the vandalism. “They're hurting me, you, and all of us,” she said. “The army belongs to me, to you, to all of us.”

Rein is familiar with regional commander Tzur; her son once served in his command. “I know him personally. He works day and night for national security, in Lebanon, in Sinai, everywhere. He gives body and soul so that we can sleep peacefully,” she stated. “I called him and said, 'Saar, my heart is aching, you should know that it's just a handful of extremists.' He told me, 'I know, Hagit.'”

Turning to the “price tag” vandals, Rein said, “Stop acting against the IDF commanders... These are people who are away from home night and day. I also have senior commanders in my family... [Saar] told me that he cried over what happened in Migron. Understand, sometimes the army has to do things it doesn't agree with... Many commanders cry over these expulsions.”

“If you want to protest,” she concluded, “protest our Prime Minister, who blindly demolishes homes.”