Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira
Rabbi Elazar AbuhatzeiraIsrael news photo

A synagogue in memory of murdered Kabbalist mystic, Rabbi “Baba Elazar” Abuhatzeira, will be dedicated in Netanya on Wednesday, the first public dedication in his memory.

The synagogue will be called “Pikudat Elazar (literally “The command of Elazar”).

“This is a very small step for the memory of the great rabbi who gave everything he had for the sake of Israel," Mordechai Vaknin, Netanya’s Religious Council chairman, told Arutz Sheva.

Cabinet ministers, the family of the late revered rabbi and other dignitaries will attend. 

Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira lived in Be'er Sheva, where many Jews of all backgrounds arrived to ask his advice and to receive his blessing until his tragic murder by a mentally disturbed congregant who had come for advice about his failed marriage all the way from the city of Elad, not far from Petach Tikvah. 

Baba Elazar was the grandson of the famed Baba Sali, the leader of a distinguished family of Sephardic Torah scholars widely acclaimed as righteous miracle workers.

The name Abuhatzeira was not the family’s original name. The grandfather, Rabbi Masoud, was named Elbaz. When he came to Israel, he traveled on a large type of barge or raft and in Moroccan that is called a hatzeira, which is the source of the name. The family settled in the souther town of Netivot, then almost inaccessible, although they could have chosen one of the bigger cities in Isral.