MK Ben Ari
MK Ben Ari Flash 90

According to a new initiative spearheaded by the National Union's MK Michael Ben-Ari, September will be full of mass marches by Jews throughout the Land of Israel – especially in Judea and Samaria.

Ben Ari wants to turn the Arab initiative for mass marches on its head and has penned a document titled "September, from Threat to Opportunity: Changing the Rules of the Game." 

In the document, Ben-Ari explains that security forces will probably not be able to block all Arab marches if they take place simultaneously and that some Arabs crowds will be able to enter Jewish areas and attack Jewish property, or even assault Jews physically. While the IDF is training Judea and Samaria Jews to face the Arab onslaught, this is no more than a minor effort, he warns. Therefore the Jews of Judea and Samaria need to take the initiative rather than waiting to be attacked.

Since the Arabs wish to create situations in which women and children confront Israeli soldiers, in order to make Israel look bad, Jews should also send out their women, children and elderly, he says – with men in a support role, waiting to intervene in case things get messy. In this way the picture the world sees will be different. "In this way we will destroy the 'September effect' and change the equation on the ground."

Ben-Ari envisions a coordinated effort supervised by an operational headquarters, with logistical, legal and media support teams. The HQ would be able to direct reinforcements to trouble spots where there was contact with the enemy, in Ben Ari's words. The logistical team would provide demonstrators with means of self defense that Israeli citizens are allowed to carry without a license.

Ben Ari hopes that the plan will be embraced by other leaders, as well as rabbis, activists and youths, "which will come together to form a force that will initiate and lead actions against the plans of the Arabs and the radical Left."

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