New Sefer Torah
New Sefer Torah Geneva, Switzerland

A new Sefer Torah has been dedicated by the Jewish community in Geneva, Switzerland in the name of kindapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

The Geneva community brought the new Torah scroll and held a special ceremony in which its members prayed for Shalit's release.

Hundreds of community members participated in the dedication of the scroll, which incorporated special prayers by Rabbi Yitzhak Dayan, the chief rabbi of Geneva who has led a Jewish revival in the city.

According to Rabbi Dayan the event is just one of many spiritual activities taking place in Geneva - all of which are connected to Israel, which the community holds in a high place of honor.

Rabbi Dayan said the idea of ​​holding such a service came during a visit to Israel last week, when he became aware that Gilad Shalit is celebrating his 25th birthday in captivity. 

"How do I channel this into spirituality?" Dayan asked before answering, "then I remembered that we do Sefer Torah, I undertook this with God's help and decided we will have a special prayer in hopes it will bear fruit and bring about the release [of Shalit]."