Incident outside embassy.
Incident outside embassy. Screenshot

Shots were fired at the Israeli embassy in Cairo during Friday's anti-Israel demonstration, according to Lebanese newspaper a-Safir. The unconfirmed story is quoted by Dalit Halevi of Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language service.

The report names the suspect in the shooting as Muhammad Abu Ria, a doctor by profession. He allegedly fired 22 shots at the embassy and then escaped in a car, with the assistance of the crowd that shielded him. 

The story is not carried by any other news source and its veracity cannot be determined. 

Egyptian security forces in large numbers, supported by armored vehicles, protected the embassy from the crowd Friday. A Youtube video (embedded below) shows one of the protesters bring prevented from approaching the building. The crowd responds by calling the security man "traitor."

The incident took part during a planned “million man march” against Israel that brought a crowd of just hundreds after the Muslim Brotherhood announced that it would not take part. Egyptian troops prevented the mob from entering the embassy, but did not act to disperse the crowd.

An Egyptian court has agreed to hear a suit calling on Cairo to recall the Egyptian ambassador to Israel pending an Israeli apology for an incident in which Egyptian soldiers were killed as IDF soldiers pursued Gaza terrorists near the border. Israeli leaders have expressed regret for the deaths.

In light of increasingly frequent displays of hostility to Israel in Egypt, there has been concern over media reports according to which Israel plans to allow Egypt to send troops into the Sinai Peninsula for the first time since the Six Day War. Israeli officials have dismissed the reports.