The St. Andrews University in Scotland has expelled a student for a racist attack on a one-term American student from Yeshiva University in New York who said he was “violated and devastated.”

Chanan Reitblat, 21, is studying at the Scottish university on a student exchange program. The expulsion of Paul Donnachie, 19, was ordered after a court in Scotland rejected his and another student’s argument that the attack was “political” and not racial.

The second student, Samuel Colchester, 20, was suspended for one year.

The attack began after the defendants, who had been drinking, jumped on Reitblat, urinated into his sink and then yelled that Israel was "a nation built on terrorism," and "they are all suicide bombers,” AFP reported.

The two students also desecrated an Israeli flag that Reitblat had received from his brother, who served in the IDF, and displayed above his bed.

They also called the Yeshiva University student "a Nazi, fascist and terrorist."

Donnachie argued that the incident was political because the display of an Israeli flag is a political act and is a ”controversial statement which invites criticism.”

St. Andrews University stated,  "While such behavior is exceptionally rare, the university will always take the strongest possible sanction against it."