Aid to Gaza at the Kerem Shalom crossing
Aid to Gaza at the Kerem Shalom crossing Israel news photo: IDF

Israel should stop sending money to Gaza while Hamas, the ruling power in the region, attacks Israeli civilians, the Land of Israel Legal Forum argues. Forum head Avital Hatzor has sent a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu asking that the money be used to protect Israelis instead.

“The money transferred to Gaza ends up in part in the hands of Hamas, and is likely to help Hamas carry out terrorist attacks targeting the Jewish towns near Gaza,” Hatzor said.

The money is transferred in accordance with past agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, despite the fact that Hamas does not recognize any of the agreements, or the state of Israel.

“As long as the Gaza strip is ruled by the Hamas terrorist organization, transferring the money is absurd,” Legal Forum members declared. The government must prevent any aid that could help terrorist groups in Gaza to continue attacking Israeli citizens, they ruled.

Hatzor suggested that the money be used to reinforce buildings in southern Israel – an expensive undertaking made necessary by the Hamas-approved terror attacks.