Car hit by Grad missile, baby wounded
Car hit by Grad missile, baby woundedArutz Sheva: IDF Spokesperson

Israel's army has turned to social media to publicize the terrifying mortar and missile attacks on the south, in the face of a nearly complete news blackout in the United States.

“Gaza rocket hurts baby – Last night, a rocket launched from Gaza tore through an Israeli vehicle,” the IDF wrote bluntly on its Facebook page.

“Since last night, 17 rockets have hit southern Israel, wounding a nine-month-old baby.

“Click 'Like' if you wish the injured baby a speedy recovery.”

Oddly, only 85 people had done so by Thursday noon – far fewer than those who had responded to the call by the Palestinian Authority for a Third Jihad only a few months earlier.

“Not a f*** word about any of this in the news in Australia,” fumed one respondent to the page. “Not that I've seen/heard... makes me ashamed to be an Australian.”

Others simply wished the baby, and other victims, well. “Prayers to all the injured victims of this senseless criminal activity!” wrote Marti M. “G-d be with Israel always and protect her and all that is within her walls and borders!!”

Although thousands of U.S. citizens live in the areas being targeted in the near-constant rocket and mortar attacks by Gaza terrorists over the past week, few know about it outside of Israel due to the American news blackout.

The ABC news network tracked a Victoria's Secret model's “beach bod,” the question of “How Many Ways Can You Spell 'Gadhafi'?” and events in Pakistan, Syria, Libya and Iran. But somehow the "rain" of rocket terror being visited upon nearly one million Israelis throughout the night Wednesday seemed to have escape notice. A sole news piece first mentioned Israel's air strikes on Gaza “militants” – and then noted the fired rockets, appearing to imply the attacks were launched in response to Israeli provocations. 

Even the direct missile strike that destroyed a private vehicle near Ashkelon, sending the small infant and her traumatized parents to a hospital, didn't register a blip on the radar. “Jennifer Lopez's Wardrobe Malfunction,” however, ran for at least 12 hours on the ABC news website. NBC news also focused on other events around the world – completely missing the terror in southern Israel. Only CBS News managed to noticed that a small baby had become the latest victim of Palestinian terrorism.