Leftists protest against Glenn Beck
Leftists protest against Glenn BeckArutz Sheva photo: Hezki Ezra

As Glenn Beck was holding his ‘Restoring Courage’ rally in Jerusalem on Wednesday, calling out to the world not to fear and  to join him in support for Israel and justice, a handful of members of the leftist Peace Now organization protested against him.

Among the participants was also former MK and secretary-general of Peace Now, Mossi Raz.

“Even Rabbi Elyashiv issued a ruling which says not to come here and participate in Beck’s incitement,” Raz told Arutz Sheva, seemingy becoming a follower of the Hareidi religious rabbi, but failing to mention that Rabbi Elyashiv's ruling was based not on Beck's ideas but on the mixed male-female seating and the fact that Beck is devout Christian. “We came to protest against him. We think that it would be better for us to have better friends than this anti-Semite.”

Raz also criticized MK Anastasia Michaeli, whom he claimed represents “the violence which exists in the Israeli right.”

Michaeli faced heated words and intimidation from the Peace Now protestors as she made her way peacefully to the rally. A handful of extreme-left counter-protesters surrounded the MK and insulted her; the situation deteriorated to the point where police were forced to intervene.

Raz rejected the notion that Glenn Beck is respectable broadcaster, saying, “It should be understood how most Americans view this broadcaster. They see him as someone who shouldn’t be listened to and most of them automatically think the opposite of what he thinks. With friends like this you don’t need enemies. These friends only weaken us.”

The outspoken Beck is one of the most popular conservative broadcasters in the United States, but is excoriated by leftist and  limousine liberal circles. Reform rabbis placed a newspaper ad protesting his criticism of billionaire George Soros for not helping Zionist causes and for Soros' actions as a teenager in WWII. 

The Jerusalem rally's crowd of thousands was matched by thousands viewing all over the world, especially in the US, where they including Joplin, Missouri and San Antonio, Texas, among others shown on a large screen as Beck spoke.

As this week's debate has shown, almost no one is neutral when it comes to Glenn Beck.