Rabbi Abuhatzeira
Rabbi AbuhatzeiraArutz Sheva courtesy of Kikar HaShabbat

New details in the murder indictment in the shocking murder of Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira (Baba Elazar) three weeks ago reveal another shock – the killer his the murder weapon with his tefillin [phylacteries], which contain parchments with sections of the Torah and are worn by Jews when praying on weekday mornings.

The indictment, served against Asher Dahan in a Be’er Sheva court, contained a further shock – the murder suspect had taken the 24.5-centimeter (14-inch) commando knife from the room of the rabbi’s son before entering the rabbi’s study.

Dahan allegedly then took the knife out of his tefillin bag and placed it in his pants pocket, under his jacket, so he could pull it out easily and quickly.

The murder suspect, who has admitted stabbing the revered rabbi to death, previously told police that he was not happy with the rabbi’s advice concerning marital problems.

The day of the murder, Dahan checked to make sure that Rabbi Abuhatzeira was receiving visitors that day. Dahan arrived at night and stood in line, taking the knife sometime between entering the rabbi’s house and reaching his study after everyone else had left.

The indictment stated that Dahan distracted the attention of Rabbi Abuhatzeira by handing him a pre-written note. Dahan murmured, “In the name of HaShem (the Creator), we will act and succeed,” a maxim used when attempting something difficult.

As Rabbi Abuhatzeira read the note, Dahan stabbed him with fatal blows to his chest.