Jon Voight
Jon VoightYoni Kempinski


American actor Jon Voight is in Israel to participate in events supporting the Jewish state – the largest of which is being organized by broadcaster Glenn Beck in Jerusalem Wednesday.

In an interview for Yisrael Hayom, Voight said: "My connection to Israel and the Jewish people is a result of everything Judaism as given the human race. I have tremendous respect for the Jewish people."

"Israel has a lot of support and many friends in Hollywood," Voight reassured his interviewer. "I came here to stand beside Israel and to deal with the anti-Semitism and lies that exist in the world in our day. I think Glenn Beck came to Israel on an important mission and I wanted to give him my support."

Voight said that he is a "near obsessive" consumer of information about Israel and that Israel's image in the world press bothers him. "This is really an important subject and that is why I am here – to deal with the way Israel is presented and all of the lies about it."

Regarding the Palestinian Authority's intention to ask the United Nations for recognition in September, Voight said: "The UN has become problematic, especially for Israel."This is a place that has been taken hostage by anti-Semites. Everything that goes on over there at the Human Rights Council is a joke. But on September 22, when they convene the Durban 3 conference, we will demonstrate outside the UN headquarters in New York. John Bolton and Elie Wiesel will be there and so will I."

Voight took part Monday in an event regarding the Holocaust that Beck organized. Regarding the terrorists who slaughtered the Vogel family at Itamar, he said: "We are standing before a new Holocaust and people from all religions need to demand that the truth be told. The radical Palestinians have only one prayer on their lips: to drive out every single Jew from Israel."