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New system will send real-time alerts to residents of frontline communities in event of terrorist infiltration
The IDF Homefront Command will be testing an SMS alert system for residents of Israel's frontline communities in the near future.
The project was accelerated following the massacre of the Fogel family in Itamar by Palestinian terrorists in March.
The real-time alert system will be connected to IDF situation rooms, regional councils and IDF forces. Situation rooms will be able to send  direct SMS messages to the mobile phones of residents of a community where a terrorist infiltration is taking place.
The alerts will enable residents to barricade themselves in their homes and summon response teams to conduct armed patrols.
The Homefront Command places great importance in the project.
The trial test of the alert system will be conducted in Judea and Samaria as that region is considered the most high risk for terrorist infiltrations.