Margalit Tzan'ani
Margalit Tzan'ani Flash 90

Police arrested famous singer Margalit Tzan'ani ("Margol") Tuesday over suspicion she was involved in blackmailing Assaf Atadgi, a well-known show business agent who she claims owed her money.

Police believe Tzan'ani was involved in the blackmail along her son and with several people from the crime organization headed by Amir Mulner. 
Tzan'ani was arrested at her home in Netanya. Her son and several members of Mulner's group were also arrested.
The singer is famous for her earthy voice and Yemenite accent, and is also a judge on Israel's version of American Idol – A Star is Born. She recently came under attack from leftists after she criticized the tent protests. She depicted the protesters as spoiled Ashkenazi Jews and said that in the past, when the truly poor people in Israel demonstrated, the people now protesting had ignored them.  
A popular group, Ethnix, called off a scheduled performance with Tzan'ani because of her criticism of the protests. Columnists and talk show hosts derided her, some using very harsh language. She wound up apologizing for her comments and appearing before protesters in Be'er Sheva. 
The blackmail investigation against Tzan'ani has been going on for a long time and it precedes her political comments. There is no reason to suspect a connection between the two matters.