Anders Behring Breivik, the suspect accused of killing dozens of people in Norway last month, returned over the weekend to the island where the shooting rampage took place, CNN reported.

Breivik was taken to the Utoya Island as part of a police investigation into the massacre, said the report. Police said he “was not emotionally unmoved,” but did not express remorse for his actions.

Police added they spent nearly eight hours questioning Breivik and walking with him around the island as part of a reconstruction of last month’s attack.

Meanwhile, the Norwegian Verdens Gang newspaper published on Sunday what it said were photos and video images of the reconstruction.

The images show a blonde-haired man, identified by the newspaper as Breivik, walking with police investigators around the island, moving his arms as if he were holding an assault rifle.

In one video clip, he stands on the shoreline and appears to be taking aim at the water.

The video journalist who recorded images of the reconstruction told CNN that heavily armed police surrounded the island and helicopters hovered overhead.

He would not say how Verdens Gang knew about the police island trip which was closed to the press.

“(The man) was pointing in many different directions and also raising his arms as (if) to shoot,” the journalist, Mathias Jorgensen, told CNN. “We only saw part of it, of course, because they were hidden behind the trees for most of the time. But from what we saw, they spent the whole day doing this.”

Breivik is also accused of the July 22 bombing of Oslo government buildings in which eight people died. He has pleaded not guilty in court.