Netanyahu Flash 90

A second grandson was born Thursday morning to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The baby's mother is Noa, 29, the daughter of Netanyahu and his first wife, Dr. Miriam (Miki) Haran, a chemist. Noa leads a religious lifestyle and is married to Daniel Rot, a hi-tech professional who was born in the United States.

Daniel and Noa's first son, Shmuel, is two years old. Shmuel and the newborn are Netanyahu's only grandchildren to date.
Noa and Daniel are alternately described as Chabad-hassidic and modern Orthodox in their religious outlook. They live in Jerusalem and avoid publicity. 
Netanyahu has two sons by his third wife, Sarah, whom he married in 1991. The elder, Yair, serves in the IDF Spokesperson's Office.  
His second wife, Fleur Cates, is a British citizen whom he met while they were both living in Boston. They divorced three years after marrying, without having children. Cates had converted to Judaism after meeting Netanyahu.