Daniel Abraham
Daniel Abraham Flash 90

Organizers behind the media-hyped social protests in Israel's major cities insist they are not politically motivated, but in the eyes of at least one donor they are nothing but.

Jewish-American millionare Daniel Abraham is a left-wing peacenick who says he believes the end of the Israeli-Arab conflict is rooted in focusing on social and economic welfare in an Israel that excludes Judea and Samaria.
"I support the protest," Abraham said. "I've always been in favor of the peace process and against the settlements. It does a lot of damage when funds are invested over the Green Line. It is better to invest in social programs that bring benefit to citizens within Israel and the people that contribute to the welfare state," Abraham said in an interview with Israel's Channel 10.
Although Abraham refused to answer the question of how much money he donated, he did say he sees a connection between the settlements and the social distress he hopes will force an end of the conflict. 
"The way to improve the standard of living of the average Israeli is to stop supporting the settlements," Abrahan said.
Abraham, aged 87, made his fortune with the "Slim Fast" diet brand. He established inter alia the Center for Middle East Peace and has contributed heavily over the years to Shimon Peres and Ehud Barak. 
At the same time Abraham has rejected dividing Jerusalem and the Geneva Initiative.