Herman Cain, a Tea Party candidate for president, plans to join Glenn Beck in his Restoring Courage rally in Jerusalem later  this month.

Cain, a staunch supporter of Israel, is a successful businessman who a few months ago was considered a non-starter as presidential timber. Perhaps for the lack of any Republican party presidential hopeful to lead the pack, he has gained momentum despite his total lack of experience in politics.

Joining Beck for the high-profile rally will give him more media exposure. The rally’s venue has been changed from the Temple Mount after Beck was warned that “70,000 Muslims staring down at him” might threaten to turn the rally into a terrorist trap.

One of Cain’s advantages is his business success. The economy is clearly the number one issue bothering Americans, who are increasingly fed up with the United States' trying to solve the world’s problems – if not making them worse,

Cain was chairman of the Kansas City branch of the Federal Reserve Bank after having reached the position of vice president at Pillsbury’s Burger King division. In three years, he turned a low-performing region of 450 restaurants into the best in the company.

He later became the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, which was on the edge of bankruptcy. In just 14 months he turned it around until it was bought out by another company.

His opposition to “ObamaCare” won him fans from Republican conservatives, particularly the Tea Party, a growing conservative faction that threatens to split the GOP.