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Ten years ago this month, Internet Explorer 6 was a breakthrough in the computer industry. Now, it is set to be relegated to the hi-tech museum.

GlobalStats figures show that less than 4 percent of world-wide users of the Internet use Explorer 6 as their browser, and Arutz Sheva statistics reveal that than less than 5 percent of the website’s readers enter the site through Explorer 6.

However, all of the Explorer systems – 6, 8, and 9 – account for 72 percent of Arutz Sheva’s readers’ browsers. The next most popular browser is Chrome, used by 15 percent of the readers, and Firefox with 8 percent.

Worldwide, Explorer systems account for only slightly more than 50 percent of the browsing systems used by Internet surfers as of July 31, down slightly from the month before, while the relatively new systems of Chrome and Google already account for 13 percent of the market.

Firefox also registered a marginal drop to 22 percent, while Apple’s new Safari version has gained 8 percent of the market. Safari accounts for 2 percent of systems used by Arutz Sheva readers.