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The government's top priority should be the socio-economic welfare of its citizens, according to 68% of Israelis surveyed by the Israel Democracy Institute. Only 11% said talks with the Palestinian Authority are the most important issue facing the government.

Another 10% said the most important national mission facing Israel is to strengthen the IDF.

The 68% who chose to focus on social welfare was split, with 50% saying the top priority should be reducing the gap between rich and poor, while 18% said the most pressing national mission should be ensuring reasonably-priced housing.

The overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews – 91% - expressed support for nationwide protests calling to lower the price of housing. A majority of 53% expect the protest to bring about results. Only 17% said they see the protest as left-wing, while 77% see it as an authentic grassroots struggle.

The protest may have affected the way Israelis view their lives – 54% said the situation in Israel is “bad” or “very bad,” while in February 55% had described life in Israel as “good” or “very good.”

Fifty-four percent said the government's priorities are not the same as the public's priorities. However, only 25% believe that Israelis are likely to seek a change in government.

The number of Israelis who believe the PA will go to the UN in September and request that it recognize Judea, Samaria and much of Jerusalem as the home of a PA-led Arab state has dropped, and now stands at 51%. Sixty-four percent believe that if the PA does make that request, it will win majority support in the UN General Assembly.