Idelman, Steinitz
Idelman, Steinitz Flash 90


The Medical Histadrut labor federation and the Finance Ministry reached agreement Wednesday on the addition of 1,000 positions to the public hospitals nationwide.
These jobs are to be added to the ones that the government agreed to fund in February 2011, as part of its decision at the time to add hospital beds.
The addition of residents' positions – which are necessary so that the number of residents' marathon work shifts can be limited to six per month – will begin immediately and be completed within two years. 
The remaining positions will be given to specialists and residents, preferably in the less populous areas known as "the periphery."  
The employers will immediately make available a budget for grants of up to 300,000 shekels to entice doctors to work in the periphery and choose professions in which there is a shortage of doctors.
The sides to the dispute announced that they would be conducting negotiations at an accelerated pace on the remaining subjects of contention.
Dr. Leonid Idelman, who chairs the Medical Federation, announced following the agreement that he would end the hunger strike he launched several days ago.