Will the real Hosni Mubarak please talk: A defense lawyer claimed in court on Wednesday that Mubarak died in 2005 and that an imposter has replaced him since then. Mayhem broke out in Tahrir Square after similar claims of a “US-Zionist” conspiracy.

Inside the courtroom, Mubarak, lying on a stretcher in the “cage” designed for the accused, managed to utter a “not guilty” plea to accusations of murder and corruption.

Hamed Seddik, a geologist at the National Research Center with a doctorate in law, previously has claimed that Mubarak died several years ago and that his defense minister, Hussein Tantawi, is responsible for the more than 800 deaths in the Arab Spring protests earlier this year.

Egyptian media have dismissed Seddik’s claims as ”rubbish,” the Ahram news outlet reported. Seddik mounted a platform in Tahrir Square and announced “the truth that will save all the Arab revolutions.”

Before being taken down from the podium Monday night by authorities, he said, “The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which has been ruling the country since 11 February, know that the man in Sharm El-Sheikh is not the real Mubarak. The prosecutor-general knows, and all the political leaders know, including the leaders of the parties, movements, the Muslim Brotherhood group and the Salafists sheikhs, whom I demand to reveal the truth and urge Egyptians to stay in Tahrir as a way of Jihad.”

After he was taken off the stage, clashes broke out, complete with stone-throwing, between opponents of Mubarak and his loyalists.

Mubarak had not been seen in public from February 10th until the trial began Wednesday, sparking speculation that he died or escaped to another country, possibly Saudi Arabia.