Civilians duck tank fire Sunday
Civilians duck tank fire Sunday Arutz Sheva: ShamSNN screenshot

The death toll in four cities Sunday reportedly is well over 50 as Syrian tanks mow down civilians and fire on mosques. WARNING: Some scenes not suitable for children.

At least 45 were killed in the northern city of Hama and another 100 or more wounded as tanks rumbled through the northern city.

Nearby, more than a dozen people were killed in Deir Ezzour, according to the London-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, quoted by CNN. %ad%

The brutality of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s apparent fight-to-death against the Arab Spring uprising surpassed all previous depths as the death toll in the four-month protest movement swells to 1,700 and probably is closer to 2,000. Thousands of people have “disappeared” as Assad borrows tactics from Iran and with the help of Irnaian Revolutionary Guards to arrest and torture dissenters.

In some cases, soldiers welcomed the protesters aboard their tanks, but the bloody scenes, caught on film by citizens risking their lives, indicate the overpowering presence of the army.

As previously documented, Syrian troops fired on civilians trying to treat and rescue the wounded. Tanks also fired on mosques where loudspeakers broadcast, “Allah Akbar.”