Terrorist Anders Behring Breivik revealed to police on Friday he had planned to hit several more targets, Norway's Aftenposten reports.

These were to have been in addition to the two successful attacks Breivik carried out that resulted in the death's of 77 innocent civilians.
Aftenposten quotes Breivik's attorney, Geir Lippestad, as saying that Breivik had several plans at various levels for that Friday.
These plans are said to have been just as concrete as for the Oslo bombing and Utoya massacre, but circumstances appaerently worked against the mass murderer.
"Things happened that day, which I do not want to comment on, which made things turn out different from what he (Breivik) had planned," Lippestad told the paper.
Norwegian police declined to elaborate on Lippestad's statement beyond saying Breivik revealed he had wanted to bomb two more buildings in Oslo during interrogation.
Police did, however, say Breivik was cooperative and that they were able to establish his movements, and that he acted alone, on the day of the attacks.