Senior executives from Motorola were in Israel on Wednesday for the official launching of Motorola’s new smartphone, the Motorola ATRIX.

The ATRIX essentially allows the user to carry in his pocket a mobile computer. Using cutting edge technology, the smartphone is able to run a full version of the Firefox web browser and fully supports all the capabilities of the Adobe Flash Player. The device also supports Bluetooth A2DP, HSP, and HFP technologies.

Arutz Sheva was at the launch on Wednesday and met Motorola’s executives, who expressed their joy at being and doing business in Israel.

“We’ve been in Israel for many many years,” said Spyros Nicolakopoulos, Motorola’s Vice President and General Manager for International Markets. “As we’ve been rebuilding the business around the world in the mobile phone part of the organization, the Israeli market has certainly been one of the markets that we feel very strongly about and want to continue to invest in.

“Thankfully for us,” he added, “as we continue to release products business here continues to improve and the consumers seem to be really responding to our products here.”

Nicolakopoulos said that Motorola’s success in Israel is dependent on three factors: the company’s team of workers in Israel, the good relationship with the cellular companies, and the enthusiasm of the local consumers.

“The team is very passionate,” he said. “We have a good mix of people and new talent in the organization.

“The relationship with the carriers is also very important,” he added. “We’ve had a very long-term relationship with a number of the carriers here in Israel.”

And, finally, he noted, “It seems that the consumers like the kind of designs that we’re bringing out and the new functionality that we’re bringing out in our products as well.”