Milk Street on Wall Street
Milk Street on Wall StreetArutz Sheva:

A new bull market for kosher food? Kosher restaurants have been few and far between on Wall Street, but a new opening may signal a new trend.

The new Milk Street Cafe, located at 40 Wall Street on the ground floor of the Trump building, was launched by its Boston-based owners, according to Kosher Today.

The bi-weekly kosher industry magazine reported that Wall Street has gone through major changes since 9/11 and that thousands of new housing units will add to demand for food, hopefully of the kosher kind.

The new restaurant sports three kitchens – one each for dairy, meat and “pareve,” meaning neither milk nor meat.

Kosher Today said that owner Marc Epstein, his wife, son and daughter were on hand for the opening of the 23,000 square-foot eatery, located very close to the New York Stock Exchange. Epstein said that the restaurant also will draw customers who do not keep kosher but enjoy “having great food that happens to be kosher."

“This has been a longtime dream of mine,” Epstein told Kosher Today, which noted that the entrepreneur commutes from New York to Boston for weekends “to check in on his flagship restaurant and in solidarity of his beloved Red Sox”

He opened his first Milk Street Cafe in Boston in November 1981, and the Wall Street venture is his first in the New York City kosher market and the first major restaurant in the city to offer dairy, meat and pareve food..  

Five full-time kosher supervising teams, one of which is always present when the kitchen is in operation, make sure that everything is kosher,  including the bakery that operates all night.

Everything, from the cutlery to the kitchen tiles, is color-coded to make sure there will no mix-ups, and disposable utensils are used as an extra precaution.