Doctors Block Road
Doctors Block RoadFlash 90

Dozens of medical interns at Sheba Medical Center decided that they will hand in their resignations as a group if the Finance Ministry does not accept their demands.
They have all signed letters of resignation that they plan to hand in if a solution is not found to the current labor dispute.
Meanwhile, dozens of interns from Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon blocked the main entrance to the city for an hour Tuesday morning.
Senior members of the Medical Federation resumed their march toward the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem Tuesday morning. IDF Radio said that the doctors would begin marching from the Azour Junction.
The head of the Federation, Dr. Leonid Idelman, will meet in the afternoon with the Director of the PMO, Eyal Gabbai, and the Finance Ministry’s Director of Wages, Ilan Levin, in an attempt to resolve the crisis. Idelman announced a hunger strike Monday.
The hospitals are working in Sabbath mode, and operating rooms will only perform urgent surgery and oncological surgery.