Barak at Meitav
Barak at MeitavFlash 90


Defense Minister Ehud Barak visited soldiers Sunday at the IDF Reception and Sorting Base, where new recruits go to be assigned to their units. He praised the high motivation of the current generation to join combat units.
“It warms the heart to see the youth willing to go into combat and meaningful periods of service," he said, "especially in these days when the range of missions and the threats we deal with become wider." 
Barak was also asked about Turkish demands for an Israeli apology for the killing of nine violent activists aboard the Marmara in 2010. He noted that maintaining national dignity is an important thing in and of itself. In addition, he said, Israel must not forget its debt of gratitude to the officers and soldiers who fought on the Marmara.
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Sunday that there is no place for an apology by Israel, because both countries have an interest in warming the relations between them.