Arutz Sheva HQ in Beit El
Arutz Sheva HQ in Beit ElINN

After a steady growth in readership of Arutz Sheva in English in recent years, we are excited to announce the launch of a new graphic design for the news site. In this dramatic era, Arutz Sheva has been growing into its role as a global cyber-center of news from a Zionist perspective, as well as up-do date religious Zionist thought and teaching.

We decided that it was time to update our look as well.

After months of creative work and brainstorming, the new site is set to go up. All systems are “go” for the launch on Tuesday, Tammuz 17, July 19.
The newly designed site will contain more news on the home page, more opinion and Judaism at your fingertips, and other features will be added bit by bit. 
Articles will be sorted among the sections as soon as they leave the top story area, to make it easier for you, the reader, to find exactly what interests you, faster.
Highlights of Israel’s morning news will go up in a special window where they will remain for the rest of the day, for the benefit of readers who wake up when Israel is already in its afternoon hours. This way, our readers in North America will always have an idea of what the morning’s news in Israel was.
Among the special features on the new web-page will be the YouReport submission form, where you can alert us to the lastest developments in Israel and beyond.
There is no other news source that offers you a look at the world through the eyes of Torah-seeking Jews straight from Beit El, "the House of G-d," in the Biblical heartland.