Leibby Kletzky
Leibby Kletzky Family Photo

The search is still on after over 2000 people took to the streets late Monday evening, July 11th, in a frantic search for a missing 8-year old Borough Park boy. Now that 24 hours have passed, the case has been turned over to the FBI and an "amber alert" has been issued nationwide for the missing child.

 Last seen at 5 pm on Monday leaving the Boyaner Day Camp on 44th Street and 12th Avenue, Leibby Kletzky was on his way to meet his mother and has not been seen since. The reward for information leading to his return has been upped to $100,000.

CBS 2′s Sean Hennessey reported on new surveillance videos that may be leads, one showing Leibby leaving his day camp and walking past his 15th Avenue home. Another, police say, shows him walking behind a man. They think he may have followed the man in the opposite direction and gotten into the man's gold-colored car. The boy's father watched the video and confirmed that it was the missing boy.

According to detailed reports from the "VozIzNeias" web site; volunteers from the Boro Park, Flatbush and Williamsburg Jewish auxiliary police known as the Shomrim, joined forces with the New York Police Department, including K9 and aviation units on Tuesday night as they combed streets, alleys and backyards in search of the missing boy, who was wearing a grey and light blue striped shirt, navy pants, black sneakers and a knapsack bearing the words “Nechmod Day Camp” at the time of his disappearance.

In just hours, the streets of Boro Park were plastered with posters of Leibby and Shomrim is going house to house in the area. Automated calls have gone out to residents asking them to check their property for the missing boy.

Volunteers thought they had a lead when they discovered a bag from Nechmod Day Camp under a car, but it was determined to be a disposable bag and not relevant to the case. 
Tuesday morning, the search has intensified and volunteers hoped that as stores opened for the day they would be able to acquire more security tapes from nearby businesses to provide more clues to the whereabouts of the missing boy. Additionally, volunteers searched stores to determine if Leibby was accidentally locked inside one of the stores, but to no avail.
Shomrim are circling the streets of Boro Park, with loudspeakers on their vehicles, asking anyone who has any information regarding the whereabouts of Leibby Kletzky to please contact them immediately.
Volunteers will also be on hand when the Boyan Day Camp opens Wednesday morning at 9:30 AM, in case the boy returns there.
“We are requesting that everyone stay alert,” said Chaim Deutsch of Flatbush Shomrim.. “If anyone sees anything at all, they are requested to call us at 718- 871-6666.”
Anyone who is able to help out can come to the command center at 15th Avenue and 57th Street in Boro Park.
A Facebook post by Kristin Thorne, a reporter for CBS News states “I’ve never seen such a community effort to find a missing child.”
“We have 2,000 people searching for the kid. We went through every backyard, every front yard, every possibility,” search coordinator Shaya Lichtenstein told WCBS 880′s Mike Xirinachs.
Meanwhile, as of Tuesday morning, Boro Park Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn), along with two anonymous community leaders are offering a $100,000 reward, upped from $25,000, to anyone with information leading to the safe return of the nine-year-old boy.
“This is every parent’s and every community’s worst nightmare,” said Hikind. “Anyone with credible information of Leibby’s whereabouts should immediately contact the authorities. NYPD and the Shomrim are working in tandem to bring about Leibby’s safe return.”
“Somebody had to have seen something,” remarked Hikind. “Even the tiniest detail that may seem irrelevant to you could be a vital piece of information.”
Rabbis and community leaders and asking that everyone daven for the safe return of Yehudah ben Itta Esther.
Editor's note: Fern Sidman, our NY correspondent, joined the search team and is writing from there.  Last update: 1a.m. NY time.