The United Nations Security Council on Tuesday condemned "in the strongest terms" the attacks on the US and French embassies in Damascus by pro-government demonstrators earlier this week, Reuters reports.
A statement by the 15-nation body read to media by Germany's UN Ambassador Peter Wittig, this month's council president, called on Syrian authorities to protect diplomatic property and personnel.
Western officials say Monday's attacks were carried out by loyalists of Syrian President Bashar Assad. The attacks followed protests staged against a solidarity visit by US and French envoys in Damascus to the city of Hama, now the focal point of the four-month-old uprising against Assad.
"The members of the Security Council condemn in the strongest terms the attacks against embassies in Damascus," the Security Council statement said. "In this context, the members of the Security Council call on the Syrian authorities to protect diplomatic property and personnel."
Syria's UN Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari accused the United States and France of distorting and exaggerating the facts about the attacks.
Ja'afari told reporters Assad's regime had sought to protect the missions. He claimed some demonstrators involved in Monday's events had been arrested and would be brought to justice.