Toilet Fixtures Exhibit
Toilet Fixtures ExhibitCommunicated

In the Haredi world, where husband are devoted to a life of Torah study, it frequently falls upon the wife to be the primary earner in the family.

Haredi women have already made their mark in the software industry, and now with the growing sophistication of the Israeli housing market, they are entering the world of architecture and design.

This phenomenon can be witnessed at the Houses and Designs 2011 Exhibit, which attracts Israel's major companies, and this year featured lectures and professional workshops that took account of the participants' modesty requirements and standards.

The exhibit is intended both for professionals, and those in the general public contemplating construction, renovation, remodeling or home maintenance.

The event was the brainchild of two Haredi women: CEO Ofra Shimoni of  the  Well-Appointed Home - a professional magazine for construction and design - and a well-known personality in the advertising field, as well as journalist Elisheva Glicksberg, director of the Great Event school for event planners and stylists.

The event surpassed the organizers' expectations in terms of attendance as well as in terms of the personal and professional quality exhibited by tomorrow's top name architects