Issawiya Riot
Issawiya RiotFlash 90

Police announced Tuesday that they have made several arrests in the case of a June 26 Arab mob attack against a lone Jew at Issawiya in eastern Jerusalem. 

Nir Nachshon, a 27-year-old Jewish man was yanked out of his car and beaten by an Arab mob in the Jerusalem neighborhood two weeks ago.
The Cellcom employee – who reportedly relied on a GPS system to navigate – made a wrong turn and entered Issawiya. He sustained wounds described as moderate when dozens of Arabs hurled rocks at his car, pulled him from the vehicle and savagely beat him up.
Other Arabs who live in the same neighborhood rescued Nachshon, police said, and protected him until an Israel Police patrol car and Border Police officers arrived.
The victim was treated on the scene by Magen David Adom medics and was then rushed to Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in Jerusalem, from where he was discharged the next day.
Arab lynch attacks againstJews in Issawiya have become a common occurence of late. A Jewish repairman was beaten badly in 2010, several weeks after an activist for terror victims was attacked with his wife in September of that year.
A policeman told a Jew who was attacked by Arabs that police do not take serious action against Arab rioters because they do not want to get drawn into the Arabs' neighborhoods. Presumably this is because police believe entering the neighborhoods will require the use of elavated force, which would lead to legal investigations against policemen.