Terrorists are released (archive)
Terrorists are released (archive)Flash 90

Parents who have lost children to terrorist attacks called Sunday for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to release the names of terrorists that Israel agrees to release in exchange for Gilad Schalit. Netanyahu has reportedly agreed to a proposal by a German mediator regarding Schalit's release.

The High Court has previous rejected motions calling for the government to release the names of terrorists who may be released.

For that reason the parents, members of the group Bereaved Parents Against Terrorist Release, are calling on Netanyahu to release information regarding the terrorists and their crimes, without releasing their names.

Among the questions the parents hope to see answered are the following:

1. How many terrorists are on the list that the Prime Minister agreed to release?
2. How many Israelis were murdered by each terrorist on the list?
3. How many years were the terrorists sentenced to, and how many years of their sentence remain?
4. How many of the terrorists were previously granted early release, either in an exchange for Israelis or as a “good-will gesture”?
5. How many served previous prison terms and were released after completing their sentence?
6. How many times has each terrorist been released from prison in the past, in total?

The parents stressed that they believe this information is critical knowledge for the entire Israeli public, not only for themselves. If the government refuses to share the information, they said, they will turn to the High Court.