INN TV visited on Monday the Turning Point 5 national emergency drill war-room in the Kirya Base in Tel Aviv.

“The threat against Israel is very clear and is very unique,” said Home Front Defense Minister Matan Vilnai. “No state in the world is in a situation where, at every moment, thousands of rockets are aimed at its populated centers, like Israel.”

The purpose of the Turning Point 5 drill, explained Vilnai, is “to coordinate all the civilian efforts to work together under fire. This is the main goal of this exercise. We need to coordinate all these organizations; even though all of them speak Hebrew, they can’t understand each other.”

The drill simulates attack and reaction on all fronts at once, including the cyber threat.

Even Israeli media take part in the national home front drill, and as Brig. Gen (Res.) Ephraim Lapid, Head of the Information and Communication Authority, explained, “Everyone understands that nowadays without media you can’t win. We take the media as an integral part of an emergency. We drill people in order to be better prepared.”

Taking part in the drill are 300 spokespersons from different government ministries, local authorities, welfare and rescue organizations, and medical services. Lapid said that the drill allows each spokesperson to make himself ready for the worst case scenario.

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