Naksa Day on Syria border.
Naksa Day on Syria border. Screenshot of IDF video


A medical intern from Majdal Shams has been identified by police as one of the people who threw rocks at IDF soldiers on the “Naksa Day“ disturbances in the Golan Heights. The suspect works at Ziv Medical Center in Tzfat (Safed).
The investigation against him began after his picture appeared in one of the newspapers that covered the riots. He was questioned by police and confirmed that he was present at the riots, but claimed that he was there in order to lend medical assistance to casualties.
He was released, but police later acquired video footage that clearly shows the suspect hurling rocks at soldiers. He was rearrested and the investigation was reopened. 
The Ministry of Health suspended the medical intern until the investigation is completed. He is currently under arrest and the police are preparing a charge sheet against him.
Ziv Hospital noted in a statement that the Ministry of Health is the body that refers interns to hospitals after they complete their studies and before they receive licenses to practice medicine. Therefore, they continued,“we informed the Ministry of Health immediately upon hearing of the suspicion regarding the intern’s involvement” in the riots.
“We note that people who work in the field of medicine are supposed to obey not only the laws of the land, but also those of medical ethics,” the hospital added. “These command us to save lives, and certainly not to do the opposite of that.”