The writing of a Torah scroll was completed last week in Jerusalem. It was a somewhat unique event, in that the writing of the scroll was funded by a non-Jew. (See video below.)

The scroll was ordered by Roger Grattan, one of the leading figures in the Bnei Noah (Noahide) movement. Living in Bangor, Maine, Grattan organizes events for Bnei Noah, works in raising awareness about the movement, and distributes its materials.

Noahides believe in the Judaic teaching that non-Jews must follow the seven specific Noahide laws - including belief in one G-d, running a court system, and no murdering, stealing or incest - while Jews must abide by the laws of the Torah.

Roger Grattan was one of the people chosen to sit on the nascent Sanhedrin's original "High Council," an advisory board which has been largely inactive since September 2006. In 2007 he was appointed Emissary of the nascent Sanhedrin North American Affairs. He is also an Official UNC, Inc. Advisor.
Although according to Jewish law only Jews are obligated and permitted to learn from the Torah scroll, Grattan decided to dedicate a Torah scroll to his community. The Torah, he explains, will be studied and used by Jews who come to visit the community, and it will be respected and honored, representing the feelings the Noahide community has towards the Torah.
The Torah Scroll is an old one, restored by Rabbi Dov Avraham Ben-Shorr. The ceremony was directed and conducted by Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, the Av Beit Din (head of court) of the Jerusalem Court for Bnei Noah, as well as Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander, Rabbi Ben-Shorr, and Rabbi Dov Meir Stein from the Bnei Noah court.