Syrian citizens on Nakba Day.
Syrian citizens on Nakba Day. Israel news photo: Flash 90

Lebanon declared its border with Israel a closed military zone Thursday, three days ahead of the 44th anniversary of the outbreak of the Six Day War. 

“The move was taken out of concern over possible developments on Naksa Day,” a security source told the Lebanese Daily Star.

The Arabs have dubbed June 5 “Naksa Day,” or “the Day of the Setback.” It comes three weeks after Nakba Day, the "Day of the Disaster," which marks the anniversary of Israel's War of Independence in 1948. In both events, Arabs lost territory after planning to annihilate Israel and failing to do so.

Another Lebanese daily, A-Nahar, also reported on its website that Lebanon had declared its border with Israel, including Fatma Gate, a closed military zone. The Lebanese military is apparently concerned about an attempt by “Palestinian demonstrators” to reach the area, similar to what happened on Nakba Day.
A Facebook site that called The Third Intifada announced that on Sunday, June 5, marches toward Israel will begin after the noontime prayers in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Volunteers from throughout the Arab world will participate, it said. In Europe, there will be marches on Israeli embassies, and “marches and confrontations with the enemy soldiers” will continue in Jerusalem and other parts of Israel.
A protest is also scheduled to take place at the Lebanese village of Maroun A-Ras. Reports said that this protest is being held in coordination with the Lebanese authorities and that Fatah men may take part in it. 
Daily A-Safir reported that the Lebanese military is in touch with UNIFIL regarding Naksa Day and intends to cooperate with it, in the spirit of UN Resolution 1701. A Lebanese source said that the Lebanese Army will keep the protests four kilometers away from the Israel border, in order to prevent clashes with Israel. UNIFIL, too, has said it is fully coordinating with the Lebanese Army “in order to control the border situation.”
IDF sources could not confirm that a closed military area was declared but did say that there is evidence that the Lebanese Army is trying to prevent marches from reaching the border.