Danny Yatom
Danny YatomIsrael news photo: Netanya Academic College

Former Mossad director Danny Yatom is advising the government to allow the expected IHH flotilla to reach Gaza after first insisting its cargo be inspected by a trusted third-party in Ashdod.

Yatom raised the possibility during an address this week at the Conference of the Dan Avraham Center for Strategic Dialogue at the Netanya Academic College.

“A solution could be found through using an international party that Israel trusts, who can ensure that the flotilla will not carry any weapons or other materials that could be used by Hamas, and that can keep the Israelis informed even before the flotilla will reach Gaza, in order to prevent a second Marmara,” Yatom said.

“Along with that, the ships should first be directed to Ashdod port, where they can be inspected to ensure there are no weapons and other contraband aboard. If they are clean, they then can proceed on to Gaza.”

Yatom noted Turkey, where the terrorist-linked IHH organization sponsoring the flotilla is based, is becoming the standard bearer of hatred towards Israel. The country, once an ally of the Jewish State, has in the past two years strengthened its ties with Iran and Syria.

Yatom also said that he believes Egypt will maintain its peace agreement with Israel, as it said it would late last month – if only because its economic stability is dependent in part on American largesse and weaponry.