Yonit Levy
Yonit Levy Flash 90

Israel's Media Watch received dozens of complaints in less than 24 hours over Channel 2 news presenter Yonit Levy's interpretation of a speech given by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Levy provided live translation the Prime Minister's speech to Congress but also added her own commentary. For example, when Netanyahu spoke about Arab rights in Israel, Levy said: “Naturally, some [Arabs] would tell the Prime Minister about the discrimination they experience in Israeli society, but that is not what the Prime Minister wants to talk about right now.”

Complaints about Levy's “translation” have been forwarded to the Second Broadcast Authority for consideration.

While Netanyahu's speech was criticized by some in the Israeli media, public support was strong, a recent poll has found. A survey conducted by Dialog for Haaretz found that Netanyahu's approval rating soared to 51% after the speech, compared to 38% last month. Thirty-six percent remain unsatisfied with the Prime Minister's performance.

Forty-seven percent of respondents termed Netanyahu's speech a success.

Most Israelis do not believe that United States President Barack Obama is hostile to Israel, the poll found. While 20% said they believe his attitude to Israel is hostile, 43% described him as practical, and 25% believe he is friendly to Israel.