Grassroots Zionist group Israel Online Ambassadors has kicked off a Facebook campaign against New York Times columnist and close Barack Obama supporter Thomas Friedman, under the slogan – “Tom Friedman, Get Out of Our Lives!”
This follows Prof. Phyllis Chesler's article  slamming Friedman for distorting the truth about Israel and suggesting what could lead to violence and the start of another intifada against the Jewish state.
In his most recent column (25.5), Friedman came up with a suggestion for the Arabs who claim parts of the Land of Israel, calling for them to march on Jerusalem.
Friedman has “officially crossed the line,” the Ambassadors wrote their 50,000-plus fans, noting that Friedman is a Jew himself. 
“As if he doesn’t know that since the State of Israel was founded, there has not been a single march by thousands of Arabs that did not end in violence on their part,” the Ambassadors wrote. “Consciously or not, the American journalist is asking for the riots at Bilin and Naalin to be upgraded to a violent march that will quickly deteriorate into a bona fide Intifada.”
The Ambassadors asked their fans to write Friedman at and politely yet firmly tell him what they think of his recommendation.