Walking the walk and talking the talk: the Ne
Walking the walk and talking the talk: the Ne Israel news photo: GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah went for a walk in Washington DC's National Mall and Memorial Parks area Sunday, after their meeting with U.S. Jewish community leaders.

The walk lasted about 90 minutes, according to the Prime Minister’s Office website.
Curiously, the Hebrew-language version of the website has a slightly more enthusiastic version of the report than the English-language one. 
Both versions agree that the Netanyahus passed by historic sites such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, and the Korean War Veterans Memorial. Both note that they “occasionally stopped to observe the scenic Potomac River and discussed U.S. history during their walk.”
However, the versions diverge somewhat at this point. The English-language site says simply that “When they reached the Jefferson Memorial, the Prime Minister recited sections of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.”
The Hebrew-language page gives a less modest account of the moment and claims Netanyahu “recited the Declaration of Independence by heart.”  If true, this would be no mean feat, seeing as the Declaration has no less than 1,338 words. 
Upon arriving at the Lincoln Memorial, the English-language site says, “they were greeted and photographed by passers-by.”
Again more enthusiastic than its English counterpart, the Hebrew language site claims that the passers-by “cheered” the Netanyahus as they walked up the Memorial steps, and that the Netanyahus waved back.
Following their walk, the Netanyahus returned to Blair House, where the Prime Minister held consultations into the night ahead of his speeches to AIPAC and the U.S. Congress.