Turkish theatre poster -- no show for Israel
Turkish theatre poster -- no show for IsraelIsrael news photo: Antalya Theatre Festival

Threats of disruptions and violence by leftists in Turkey pulled down the curtain on the Israel Cameri company, which was forced to cancel a performance of  the comedy "Thrill My Heart” as part of the second International Antalya Theatre Festival in the Turkish resort town.

Approximately 30 people - none of whom have ever attended the theater in Turkey - bought tickets, indicating that anti-Israel activists had an agenda. They attempted to carry out threats to stop the show by shouting and throwing foreign objects at the actors, possibly harming them.

There was no explanation why the theater could not rely on guards to inspect show-goers and eject anyone disrupting the play.

The Cameri company has performed in Turkey at least 100 times, according to Cameri director Noam Semel, who said he did not “remember an incident like this.” The forced cancellation represents another sign of frigid relations between Israeli and Turkey, which was one of the Jewish state’s closest friends for two decades until two years ago.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has paralleled his distaste of Israel with a new alliance with the “terror axis” of Iran and Syria. He has said that Hamas is a legitimate entity, though this week he called on the terrorist organization to recognize Israel.

Relations with Israel began falling apart after the Operation Cast Lead counterterrorist campaign against the Hamas terrorist army and collapsed with the Turkey-sponsored IHH terrorist flotilla a year ago, when nearly 50 terror activists brutally attacked Israel Navy commandos who kept the ships from continuing to Hamas-run Gaza.

Israel has imposed a maritime embargo to prevent the smuggling weapons and terrorists into the Hamas-controlled region. The commandos killed nine of the attackers.