Syrian citizens on Nakba Day.
Syrian citizens on Nakba Day.Israel news photo: Flash 90

The IDF has increased its presence along Israel's borders with Syria and Lebanon over threats of renewed clashes similar to those on “Nakba Day.” Organizers of the anti-Israel marches earlier in the week are calling for a similar march Friday, the Muslim day of prayer, beginning after mosque services end.

Calls to Arabs to march on Israel have gone forth on social networks, and have gathered tens of thousands of responses.

A group calling itself the “Intifada Youth Committee” called for “A march in memory of the Nakba Day martyrs, [a march] from surrounding countries and from Gaza on Israel's borders, to within the 1948 territories.”

Several Syrian and Lebanese were killed on Sunday as they forced their way across the border with Israel and began attacking Israeli soldiers with rocks. The IDF succeeded in forcing the invaders back to Syria, although one Syrian man reached Tel Aviv with the help of extreme-left Israeli activists.

In addition to the planned Friday riots, anti-Israel groups are planning to follow up Nakba Day, which mourns Israel's creation, with Naksa Day, which mourns Israel's victory over Egypt, Jordan and Syria in the 1967 war.