Ramat HaSharon has joined the American and international philanthropic world by creating Israel's first community Federation.

Takdim” – the Ramat HaSharon Community Foundation will be led by local civic leaders, similar to the way Jewish Federations are led in the United States.

Funds for the organization will be raised from local business and community residents for projects to be carried out in the same area.

The chairman of the new organization is David Ivry, president of Boeing Israel and former Israeli Ambassador to the United States. Ramat HaSharon Mayor Yitzchak Rochberger has been named honorary president.

Included on the board of directors are singer Yehoram Gaon, former IDF spokesperson Col. Miri Eisen (ret.), ad agency CEO Rami Shalmor, IAF Commander-in-Chief (ret.) Herzl Bodinger and Shlomo Nechama, chairman of the board of directors of Bank HaPoalim.

“By establishing Takdim we are setting a precedent and we hope this will start a movement in other Israeli communities,” said Ivry. “We believe it's our responsibility to work toward improving society and this starts at home,” he continued, quoting the halakhic  injunction positing that charity begins at home.