Danny Dayan
Danny Dayan Israel news photo: Flash 90



Yesha Council chairman Danny Dayan, responding to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's speech of Monday night, said Tuesday, "His analysis of the geo-political situation was correct, but his conclusions were wrong… Settlement blocs alone do not provide even minimum security for the State of Israel."

Dayan, who heads the Yesha Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria, told Arutz Sheva, "The Prime Minister was correct in saying that the struggle is not over borders, but over their desire to destroy us… However, when he spoke about his willingness to make 'painful concessions over parts of our national homeland,' there is no such animal. A homeland must be settled, and not given up on."

"It is clear," Dayan said, "that settlement blocs alone are not enough [even from a security standpoint]. For security, we require control over the mountain ridge [in the Shomron], the entire Jordan Valley, and the areas that oversee Ben Gurion International Airport."

Dayan says that this coming September, when the PA is expected to make a bid for independence in the United Nations, "will be an opportunity for us, and not a crisis. They have overturned the table by going to the UN and forging an alliance with Hamas; we can no longer suffice with a 'tied game.' We have to win."

How? "First of all," Dayan explained, "we must remove the millstone of our consent to a Palestinian state, and then we must apply our sovereignty over the Jewish communities and the unpopulated areas – as preparation for our annexation of all of Judea and Samaria."

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