Israel has filed a complaint in the United Nations against Syria and Lebanon, following Sunday’s border incidents, Voice of Israel Radio reported.

According to the report, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Meron Reuven, wrote in a letter to the Security Council that Syria allowed protesters to infiltrate Israel from its territory, in order to make what he termed a “cynical provocation” and to distract attention from the issues within its own territory.

He was referring to Sunday’s Nakba Day incident, when nearly 1,000 Syrian Arabs who called themselves “Palestinians” invaded the Golan Heights. Syrian troops at the border did not prevent the infiltration.

The Syrians reached the Druze town of Majdal Shams, located near the border and on the road to the Hermon Mountain range, causing the IDF to try to beat them back into their own territory.

Reuven’s letter also complained about Lebanon, over Sunday’s incident in which tens of thousands of Arabs were bused to the Lebanese border, and several hundred or more managed to cross the border briefly until being driven back by the presence of IDF forces.

Reuven wrote that such actions can cause a dangerous escalation, and added that Israel expects the international community to act to prevent further provocations.

Voice of Israel Radio also reported of a heated argument in the UN Security Council between the ambassadors of Israel, Syria and Iran, after Reuven said that Syria and Iran support terrorism. According to the report, Reuven made the comments during a hearing on the issue of international terrorism. In response, Iranian ambassador Mohammad Khazaee accused Israel of shooting civilians in Majdal Shams. Syrian Ambassador Bashar Jaafari said that Israel is conducting “a Holocaust among the Palestinians,” said the report.

The report added that Reuven said in response that Syria’s security forces have been firing on protesting civilians, and expressed his objection to Jaafari’s contempt for the Holocaust.